About the Author

After graduating from Bible college in Seattle in 1983, T. Alex Tennent entered the graduate degree theology program. Motivated by a love for God’s word, he continued studying the Greek language to better interpret and understand the original scriptures. This journey led to harmonizing the Greek scriptures relating to the Last Supper controversy, in turn opening the door to even greater understandings.

Tennent is the author of both The Messiah’s Baptism (2018) and The Messianic Feast (2014). The Messiah’s Baptism explores the fascinating historical context and scriptural truth surrounding long-held beliefs on both water and spiritual baptism. The Messianic Feast gives us a new look at the scriptures through the original Jewish Messianic perspective and proper Greek translation—and in the process, proves that the Last Supper was not the Passover and that the traditional Communion ritual as we know today (also called the Blessed Eucharist) was not intended by Jesus. The Messianic Feast won the gold medal in the 2014 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Awards.

Other Books by T. Alex Tennent

The Messianic Feast by Alex Tennent

The Messianic Feast

Moving Beyond the Ritual

By opening the door to understanding certain scriptures from within first-century Jewish idioms, this book reveals major new truths as to what those scriptures really mean, as well as those previously—and erroneously—believed to teach a ritual of Communion.