The video of The Messiah’s Baptism book signing event at the Pennoyer’s home fellowship does a good job of summarizing the book and explaining why water baptism needs to be questioned. There were some excellent discussions that really added to the event!

Were baptisms common in Jewish history long before John the Baptist? Is water baptism really required for salvation, and if the wrong formula is used will one be lost? Any questions or scriptures that this video does not cover are fully explained in the book, but this is an excellent place to start to see what the Messiah (Jesus/Yeshua) wants, and what he doesn’t want, concerning baptism.

Photos from the Pennoyer’s Home Fellowship Book Signing Event

Video from the Pennoyer’s Home Fellowship Book Signing Event Explaining the Book

Although many may have never heard this history, the early Jewish believers debated with the church in Rome stating that water baptism was no longer imposed (quoting from the actual Greek in Hebrews 9:9-10). They claimed that salvation was by faith in what the Messiah had provided, and not by doing deeds such as water baptism. Yet, it is a given that questioning the act of water baptism today from a biblical standpoint may seem utterly bizarre. However, if the reader will consider the points made in this video, they may begin to see a different picture, one that sees baptism from the eyes and understandings of the first century Jewish believers, instead of the religious ritualistic concept of water baptism (with its much debated formula) that Rome has handed down.

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