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In this new book, T. Alex Tennent (who also authored The Messianic Feast) takes a closer look at baptism, one of Christianity’s oldest rites. With his trademark meticulous research, thorough analysis, and scholarly yet approachable tone, Tennent explains the history behind baptism. We then see how it came to hold so much importance today at the expense of what God actually intended for us—to be baptized with His Holy Spirit, not with a mere sprinkling or immersion in water.

Truth or Tradition? Explore the History of Baptism

The Messiah’s Baptism examines scriptures and topics involving the history of baptism that were misunderstood in Rome, including the true reason why Paul said that Christ did not send him to baptize. By comparing Old Covenant laws with New Covenant truth, the author analyzes the true meaning behind 1 Peter 3:21 (where Peter really seems to say that baptism in water is what saves us), and even tackles one of the most difficult (and often misinterpreted) scriptures relating to baptism—1 Corinthians 15:29, where Paul mentions those being “baptized for the dead.”

When we consider the scriptures from the perspective of the first-century Jewish believers, the Bible comes together in perfect harmony to reveal crucial, newly uncovered truths on baptism. The Roman concept inherited by churches today then comes into question, conflicting with the baptism the Lord wanted.

The Messiah’s Baptism

The Messiahs Baptism by Alex Tennent

The Messiah’s Baptism by T. Alex Tennent

A fascinating look into how baptism’s true purpose has been misrepresented for centuries—and how we can change that today. The Messiah's Baptism print book is available at Amazon, or any major book seller.

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What Readers are Saying About The Messiah's Baptism

In this groundbreaking work, T. Alex Tennent explains: 'We are not cleansed and sanctified by ceremonial washing in water but by the spiritual washing that comes from the Lord and the word of God.' There is a lot I enjoy about this book. T. Alex Tennent makes a lot of sense and I believe does a better job cutting the word straight than any author I have ever read.

Rich Kelsey

I found this book to be scripturally accurate and so helpful in understanding the true meaning of baptism. I think some people jump to conclusions without thoroughly reading and proving what Alex Tennent is teaching, which is sad. I believe it's so important to come out of religious traditions and highly recommend reading this book...

Paula Thomas