The Messianic Feast

Winner of a gold medal in the prestigious 2014 Independent Publisher (IPPY) awards, The Messianic Feast represents a sea change in biblical understanding. First, this work uncovers the true history of the Jewish disconnect that occurred in Rome, which has not previously been properly portrayed. These early Messianic Jews understood that the Messiah was crucified on the 14th day and therefore knew that the Last Supper was not the Passover, as has been erroneously handed down to us from history.

Second, in proving that the Last Supper was not the Passover, the author does what has not been done before—showing what those particular scriptures truly mean in their original Greek language, specifically those that seem to portray that the Last Supper was the Passover.

IPPY Gold Medal AwardThese discoveries are only the beginning, for they also reveal that neither the Messiah nor his early Jewish followers ever wanted or taught the Communion ritual kept by most churches today. This opens the door to understanding what the Messiah really intended in his Last Supper parables—that Jesus was not teaching a ritual but rather a true spiritual communion with God and one another.

By reconnecting the Messiah’s Last Supper parables to the long Jewish history of a coming Messianic banquet or feast, amazing new truths become clear.

Reader Praise

“This book amazed me and left me in awe!! I have not received such a wonderful scriptural revelation in 20 years. Mr. Tennent has SURE done his research here…laying out and building truth upon truth…just like scriptures say ‘Line upon Line, precept upon precept.’ ”

—Amazon reader

“It quickly becomes obvious that this book is a scholarly work, thoroughly researched and carefully written. The author’s premise regarding the messianic feast and the Communion ritual is supported with clear scripture from many different directions. Mr. Tennent’s conclusion is hard to argue with when the only countering evidence comes from non-scriptural traditions of men and customs of the early Church or the intentional alteration or wreckless interpretation of clear scripture…the book is a fantastic read, certainly suitable for us non-scholars.”

—Dan Langdon, reader

“I am ASTOUNDED by this book. I had to search for the right word. I recommend you read it slowly to ponder and digest. Take the time to read all of the scripture references. It’s tempting to look ahead, but I recommend you try and grasp each concept and let the revelation sink in. You will want to savor each course, ponder and digest, and then the truth will convince you. The author has done such a thorough job of research on the topic of “communion,” a favorite ritual common in the church. He also touches on several other topics, and drives home his points using simple logic…

…I have the feeling there are many many empty traditions we do as believers that are so not what He ever intended, even down to cornerstones of the faith that are taken for granted. This drives our behavior as believers and can often lead us into error. I honestly believe God wants this truth to be known, even if people are resistant and fearful of change.”

—Linda Tremper, reader

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The Messianic Feast by Alex Tennent

The Messianic Feast

Moving Beyond the Ritual

By opening the door to understanding certain scriptures from within first-century Jewish idioms, this book reveals major new truths as to what those scriptures really mean, as well as those previously—and erroneously—believed to teach a ritual of Communion.