Why question water baptism—and why now? Have the churches missed something in teaching that water baptism is required for salvation? The Messiah’s Baptism by T. Alex Tennent reveals history that shows the early Messianic Jews believed that salvation came by faith and not through works such as water baptism.

The Messiah’s Baptism (available soon) takes a hard look at the rite of water baptism; focusing on the fact that what the Lord Jesus promised us was the Holy Spirit baptism. It considers why Paul would thank God that he no longer continued with the water baptisms, even stating that the various washings (or “baptisms” in the original Greek text) were no longer imposed in the New Covenant (see Hebrews 9:9-10).

Has the Church Focus on Water Baptism Missed What is Important?

Paul said that the letter kills but the Spirit gives life (2 Cor. 3:6), so perhaps the Spirit baptism should rather be our focus?  If neither God nor the Lord Jesus commanded water baptism for believers today shouldn’t we have a right to know? In this book, and in future blog posts we will consider such questions by seeing what the scriptures really teach on this important subject!

What if we could go to straight to God (through the Lord Jesus/Yeshua) for washing and forgiveness, rather than needing the middleman of a priest, pastor, or rabbi at water baptism in order to obtain forgiveness and salvation? What if we could be cleansed, forgiven, and made completely right with God by accepting the shed blood of Christ, without needing a man on earth to immerse us and say a prescribed set of words?

The Messiah’s Baptism Reveals the True History of Water Baptism

The Messiah’s Baptism reveals history that shows the early Messianic Jews believed that salvation came by faith and not through works such as water baptism. But their beliefs were shut down by the powerful Roman Church who believed that salvation was only obtainable by a valid water baptism, with their prescribed set of spoken words.

Did the Old Covenant washings in water (called baptisms) merely point forward to the Holy Spirit washing (baptism) that the Lord Jesus kept promising? In The Messiah’s Baptism the reader is invited along for a fresh look at this history, and also at key scriptures, to consider if what has been handed down is truly accurate. Yes, the Jewish believers continued worshipping in the Temple, and immersion in water (baptism) was required before entering, but was this to continue?

Various scriptures from Paul make it clear that he certainly didn’t think so. I pray the reader is edified and sees truth restored as they consider God’s word from the perspectives of the first-century Jewish believers, and to see if what has been handed down from Rome really aligns with what Jesus promised. If you enjoy this study please share it on your social media or comment below!